Ah, Labor Day – a day dedicated to kicking back and taking it easy. But what if we told you there's a secret to making the most of this holiday? It's time to give a whole new meaning to the phrase "let your bras do the heavy lifting" and let those trusty undergarments take on some of life's burdens. Join us as we embark on the journey of celebrating Labor Day while embracing the support (pun intended) our bras can provide!

The Real-Life Superheroes:

Who needs a superhero cape when you've got a collection of bras that are ready to leap tall laundry piles in a single bound? Imagine your lingerie drawer as a hall of fame, where each bra comes to life to save the day. From holding up your spirits to, well, holding things up, your bras are the unsung heroes of support.

Battle of the Bounce:

As you relax and unwind on Labor Day, imagine your bras engaging in a highly competitive (and slightly ridiculous) "Battle of the Bounce." They bravely face off against gravity, ensuring that you remain comfortable and carefree, no matter how enthusiastically you conquer the couch or dance to your favorite tunes.

The Heavy Lifting Crew:

Say goodbye to lifting heavy grocery bags or carrying stacks of laundry. Your bras are on the job, forming an organized brigade that tackles these tasks with unparalleled efficiency. And if anyone gives you a puzzled look, just casually mention that your bras are moonlighting as professional lifters – the true multitaskers of the lingerie world!

The Supportive Therapists:

Ever wish you had a personal cheerleader to boost your confidence and keep you motivated? Enter your bras, the ultimate supportive therapists. They're always there, lending an encouraging lift and reminding you that you've got this – even if "this" involves binge-watching TV shows or attempting elaborate snack creations.

The Unseen Entertainers:

As you revel in the joy of Labor Day relaxation, your bras are working behind the scenes to provide entertainment. They've formed a secret orchestra, creating harmonious melodies through the gentle rustling of fabrics. Who knew that your bras were such maestros of relaxation?


As Labor Day festivities wind down, it's clear that our bras are the real MVPs of the day. From lending a helping hand (or strap) to providing a laugh-worthy dose of entertainment, these unsung heroes have shown us the true meaning of support. So, here's to our trusty undergarments – the ultimate companions on our quest for relaxation, comfort, and a little bit of comedic relief on Labor Day and beyond!

August 31, 2023


Dolores Ricco said:

My favorite bras & panties, I order all the time. Everything fits so good. Thank you Rhonda !!

Dale Hutchens said:

Informative article, been wearing your bras for years!

Suzanne Schulte said:

So well said, Rhonda, and with such inspired (tongue-in-cheek) prose : Brava ! You are an inspiration, and we love your foundational undergarments !…. Thank you,

Elease Krieger said:

I found a broad in my drawer and I haven’t been able to stop wearing it . it’s full back coverage underwire so good support lightly moulded cup I think I had it for quite some time (the style is 9213 and I can’t find it)
Watch it and war and love it and looking for more

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