UP ALL NIGHT, by Rhonda Shear (SIGNED)

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UP ALL NIGHT- From Hollywood Bombshell to Lingerie Mogul, Life Lessons from an Accidental Feminist.

Get ready to go on a ride with Rhonda Shear as she takes you from her New Orleans childhood, her Hollywood golden days, and to becoming the Queen of Lingerie!

Autographed by Rhonda Shear herself.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Book!

A funny, honest and entertaining autobiography about one of the most endearing comediennes ever. It was an enjoyable tour through the life of one of the most talented and sexy performers of my lifetime. I have always had a crush on Rhonda, and now I get to read about the person underneath the sex symbol. This book will remain one of my most cherished possessions!

Excellent Read

Rhonda's autobiography was an excellent read. I had always enjoyed her Up All Night series and really enjoyed learning about her life and everything else she has been involved with. Also, there were lots of never before seen photos. Also, when purchasing the book through her online store, it will be signed by Rhonda Shear herself. Definitely one for the bookshelf.

Scott S.
Great Book!

I had the pleasure of working with Rhonda on a film at the height of her Up All Night fame. I found her to be a very friendly, very talented individual. What this book provides is a great behind the scenes look at her life: her thoughts, her ideas, her philosophies, and what it took to live the life she has lived. It is a great read providing a lot of insight into not only her life but also the lives of all of the people she interacted with.

Michael C.
Up all night had me reading it all night

Great been a fan,book was real good give it thumbs up and recommendation

Skip J.
Loved the book..interesting and a must for all Rhonda fans!

Waited a long time for this to come out. Worth the wait and enjoyed every page of it. A must for all fans of Rhonda and entertainment industry.