Ahh Smooth Sensation Seamless Shaping Tank

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Hello, Shape Enthusiasts! Meet your new style companion, the Ahh Smooth Sensation Seamless Shaping Tank, designed to redefine your silhouette with comfort and flair. Let's explore why this tank is your go-to solution for shaping, support, and versatility!

🌟 Firm Control: Take control of your curves! Our tank offers firm control through the torso, tummy, hips, and back, ensuring you achieve that smooth and streamlined midsection effortlessly.

🌈 Strapless Styling: Embrace the freedom! The strapless design allows for versatile wear, giving you the flexibility to style it your way. Plus, the removable and convertible straps provide options to complement different outfits.

👙 Seamless Soft Cup with Underwire: Lift and define with ease! The seamless soft cup with underwire enhances the bust area, providing the support you desire for a more lifted and sculpted silhouette.

🌺 Knitted-In Corset Design: Shape it up! The knitted-in corset design contributes to the shaping effect, creating a contoured and streamlined appearance. Say hello to a smoother waistline!

👗 Tunic Length: Extended coverage, unlimited style! The tunic length allows the tank to double as a strapless slip, adding a layer of versatility to your wardrobe. Dress it up or down with ease.

🌬️ Lightweight Breathable Fabrication: Stay comfortable all day! Our tank is crafted from lightweight and breathable fabric, ensuring you feel fresh and at ease, even when wearing shaping garments.

🏷️ Heat Stamp Label: Say goodbye to tags! Our tank enhances comfort with a heat stamp label, eliminating traditional tags. Enjoy a tag-free experience without compromising on style.

Customer Pain Points Addressed:

🔄 Versatility: Tired of limited options? Our strapless styling with removable and convertible straps addresses the need for versatile shapewear suitable for different outfits.

⚖️ Full Torso Shaping: Comprehensive shaping at its best! Firm control through the torso, tummy, hips, and back addresses the common concern of achieving a smooth silhouette from top to bottom.

👙 Bust Support: Lift it up! The seamless soft cup with underwire provides the support and definition you crave for a confident and sculpted bust.

Competitive Edge:

🏆 Award-Winning Design: Brace yourself for greatness! Our tank is based on the best-selling, award-winning Bandeau Bra, showcasing its proven success and quality. Join the winning team!

The Ahh Smooth Sensation Seamless Shaping Tank stands out with its firm control, versatile styling, seamless soft cup with underwire, and tunic length. Elevate your style with a touch of award-winning excellence. Positive testimonials or awards can further amplify its credibility. Say hello to shaping that moves with you! 💖🌟

Fabrication and Care


  • 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold with like colors, Tumble dry low, Do not bleach, Do not iron.

Customer Reviews

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It fits like a glove.
I love it.

Wowza, Rhonda!!!

I have worn these tanks for the last 15 years or so! You are really the only one who makes shapewear comfortable and sexy. I feel so good in them that I also sleep in them. When these went on sale, I HAD to stock up!! I felt like I won the lottery! I love the control, the longer length, and the durability! This isn't your mother's shapewear!!

Sweet Bunnie
Rhonda!!! You are the BEST

I love, love, love this garment. Purchased in the past, and now cannot live without them. Plus it was delivered very quickly--and had free shipping!! I basically live in this day and night. It washes well in the washer, and I've even threw them in the dryer when I was in a hurry. Fit is as recommended by the sizing chart. What more could a girl want?!? Thank you, Rhonda. I'll be buying more!!!!