Ahh Bra® with Scallop Trim & Removable Pads

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Size Guide

Elevate your comfort and style with our Ahh Bra featuring Scallop Trim & Removable Pads – because your lingerie should feel as good as it looks!

🌟 4-Way Stretch Fabrication: Experience softness and flexibility! Our Ahh Bra offers a smooth 4-way stretch, ensuring comfort that moves with you throughout the day.

👏 Knit In Support: Say goodbye to underwire discomfort! This bra provides knit-in support, making it the perfect choice for those who crave wire-free comfort.

🌺 Contrast Scallop Detailing: Add a touch of elegance! The knit-in contrast scallop detailing under the bust sets this bra apart, making it stand out from plain options.

👌 Removable Pads: Customize your comfort! The removable pads cater to your preferences, allowing you to control the level of support and padding.

🚫 No Hooks or Wires: Embrace pain-free comfort! The absence of hooks and wires ensures a comfortable experience, addressing common discomforts associated with traditional bras.

🩲 Prosthesis-Friendly Pocket: Catering to your needs! The prosthesis-friendly pocket provides a secure and discreet option for those with specific requirements.

🌀 Machine Washable: Easy maintenance! Our bra is machine washable, ensuring convenience and longevity for a hassle-free experience.

Key Benefits:

🌈 All-Day Comfort: Enjoy comfort and flexibility! The 4-way stretch fabrication eliminates the discomfort associated with restrictive undergarments, ensuring you feel great all day.

🎀 Unique Design: Stand out with elegance! The knit-in contrast scallop detailing adds a touch of uniqueness, making this bra visually appealing and distinctive.

👍 Customizable Support: Take control! Removable pads allow you to customize the level of support and padding, catering to your individual preferences and needs.

🚫 Wire-Free Comfort: Experience support without the hassle of underwires! Our bra ensures a pain-free experience, letting you move freely and comfortably.

🩲 Prosthesis-Friendly: Inclusive choices! The pocket bra style and prosthesis-friendly feature cater to specific customer needs.

What Sets Us Apart:

Unique Design and Comfort Combo: The Ahh Bra with Scallop Trim & Removable Pads offers a visually appealing and comfortable choice, combining unique contrast scallop detailing with knit-in support.

🩲 Practical and Convenient: The prosthesis-friendly pocket and machine-washable fabric enhance the practicality and convenience of this bra, ensuring it meets your lifestyle needs.

Upgrade your lingerie experience with the Ahh Bra featuring Scallop Trim & Removable Pads – because comfort and style should always go hand in hand! 💖👙✨

    Fabrication and Care


    • 92% Nylon, 6% Spandex, 2% Polyester
    • Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low, do not bleach, do not iron.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    Prefer more color options.

    Marsha Elliott
    Smaller than I Thought

    When I received the bra, as I tried it on, I realized it seemed to be smaller than "shop your top". This bra needs to be ordered in a size larger.

    Comfortable bra

    Very comfortable bra. Easy to wash


    I love the stretch and the style of this bra. I would say buy it.

    Cute Bra

    This bra is so pretty and it fits me well with the pads. It also "performs" well on the go! I would buy again.