For most, choosing the right bra is an art, albeit a confusing one. But every bra-wearing individual knows how the right bra can make you feel secure and confident. 

While underwire bras may be what you initially envision as the typical standard, there has recently been a surge of interest in wireless bras. 

But are wireless bras better than underwire bras? Can they give you the same coverage and stability as underwire bras? Are they really more comfortable?

Here is what you need to know about each option, and why wireless bras are not just a passing trend.

Wireless Bras vs. Underwire Bras

Before we discuss the pros and cons of each, it's important to understand what the differences actually are between the two different bra styles.

Underwire bras essentially have a rigid piece of wire sewn into the bottom of the cup. This is sometimes made of actual steel, but most of the time it's a firm plastic boning. This wire shapes the cup and sits beneath the breast, giving the whole garment its structure. 

Wireless bras, on the other hand, as the name might suggest, have no wire at all. They're sometimes called soft cup bras since they don't have the rigid material creating support, but that doesn't mean they're shapeless. 

Are Wireless Bras Better Than Underwire Bras?

The answer to this isn't exactly an easy one, since it largely depends on a person's personal preference. At the end of the day, you're the only one who has a say in what you put on your body. We can help answer your questions, but the choice of what bra is best for you is yours alone.

In order to even compare and contrast the two, let's outline some of the most dominant pros and cons of each, shall we?

The Pros and Cons of Underwire Bras

There are some misconceptions in the world of wired bras, particularly if we're talking about breast size, health, and comfort. The biggest misconception is that underwire bras are not comfortable. 

This can be true, no doubt, but if you're wearing the right size for your shape and the bra is well constructed (out of skin-friendly materials), then you're more likely to enjoy wearing an underwire bra. 

However, there's always the risk of the wire breaking through the fabric, and then you're faced with the dreaded poke, a painful and all too common phenomenon.

Additionally, sleeping in underwire bras can cause issues like: 

  • Skin irritation
  • Restricted blood flow
  • Inhibited flow of lymphatic fluid

One of the biggest pros of underwire bras is that they typically provide more support, largely because of their wired design. However, this is only true if you're wearing the right size, since there are plenty of downsides to wearing an ill-fitting bra.

That being said, even if you have a perfect underwire fit, you may find wireless bras are still more comfortable, and there are a few reasons for this. Let's get into them.

The Pros and Cons of Wireless Bras

Everyone has a unique body shape, which means an underwire may not sit as comfortably for you as it does for someone else. This is where wireless and stretch bras come into play.

Bras are not what they used to be (and thank goodness for that). These days, wireless bras are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, and you don’t have to sacrifice style or support at all.  

Wireless bras offer comfort and a natural look, and they come in a wealth of styles and designs to suit all body types, shapes, and needs. Looking for something more compressive? There are options for that. 

Want a bit more lift? There are options for that, too.

Some wireless bras may not have the support those with larger breasts prefer. Thankfully, there is an easy fix. 

While some designs certainly don't work, there are plenty of options that feature superior designs and materials, made with comfort and support in mind. If you do need more support, opt for a wireless bra with more structure, that has seamed cups and stable, lifting fabric, or padding.

When to Wear a Wireless Bra

Anytime is a good time to wear a wireless bra. Seriously. Whether you're lounging about, running errands, or out on the town, a wireless bra can offer you the same amount of support as an underwire bra, without the fuss. 

If you want something that's going to give a smooth line under your clothes, pick a seamless bra with a longer line and more coverage. If you want something that's going to give you more shape, choose something with removable pads and smoothing or shaped fabric.

The moral of the story is simple. If you have a comfortable band and stretchy fabric, you can enjoy your wireless bra anytime, anywhere.Whether you are a nursing new mom, have limited mobility, are recovering from surgery, or don't want to feel like you are wearing a bra, the gentle stretch and support of a wireless bra may be just the thing.

Choosing the Right Wireless Bra

There are some things you should consider when buying a bra, since they are not all made equal, just like all of us. Consider:

  • The fabric
  • The style
  • The closures
  • The adjustability
  • The ease of use

Fabric and style are easier since these we'll leave up to your discretion. Just note that most bras are made from nylon and spandex, which is often a great, breathable yet stretchy fabric.


Now that we've covered fabric, let's talk about closures. In the case of closures, it's important you understand your options. 

Some wireless bras will slip on over your head, while others may have a zip front or eyelet close. Because there's more structure to these, you may find them more comfortable if you need more support. Many of Rhonda Shear's bras are designed with such great stretch, you can even step into them!


And on the note of comfort, if you find it challenging to choose a bra that doesn't tug on your shoulders, choose a wireless option that has adjustable or padded straps. While pretty much every option on the market is made of a stretchy material, sometimes you need more adjustability to get that perfect comfort fit in a bra.

Use Cases or Ease of Use

Finally, how do you plan on using your bra? Is it for everyday wear? For sport? A night out?

Invest in bras that you can use and wear in several different settings, but note that sports bras and wireless bras are not always the same thing, so be sure you have enough impact control if you plan on taking a jog. Decide if you are going for looks, comfort, or support and slip into the perfect bra for any occasion.

How to Size Your Bra

You're going to need to take a couple of measurements if you're unsure of what your bra size is. And, to be honest, we'd recommend taking them again. You'd be surprised to learn how many people are wearing the wrong bra size.

With Rhonda Shear, you can forget those cup and band measurements that seem to be different for every brand... just Shop Your Top! This means you wear what you wear in a fitter shirt or blouse. If your favorite T-shirt is an XL, shop XL. 

For more handy advice about bra sizing, check out our fit guide!

Different Styles and Options

Everyone has different needs, and remember, we mentioned it's helpful to have a few bras to suit different events and situations! But what do those bras actually look like? 

How do you know what's going to work best for you? Consider your typical day-to-day activities and make a note of them. Do you get to the end of the day with sore shoulders and an aching back? 

You may need to look at options with more support. Are you on the move a lot or going out regularly? These are all important questions, and ones we believe we'll have an option for.

Full Coverage

A bra like this will offer exceptional comfort, modesty, and a no-fuss design that keeps "the girls" contained. Typically starting a good few inches below the bustline and ending in a curve just above the bust, a full-coverage wireless bra is ideal for lounging, wearing underneath a loose top, or even for busy work days!

Try one with removable pads for extra versatility or any of our pocket bras if you use a prosthesis or nursing pads.

Lacey and Romantic

Whether it's a lace back or something with more frills all around, there's nothing quite like slipping into something that makes you feel like your best self. 

Try out some lace trim for a touch of flair, a lace insert for more modesty, or something a bit more expressive, like the Pin Up Girl Lace Bra. There are styles and colors to match all your needs.

Gel Bras

These are a particularly interesting and innovative style, because they're not only comfortable and soft, but the gel design in the cups adds extra support for the bust. 

This one comes with a hook and eye back closure, which makes it extra secure and supportive, but no underwire, which means no stabbing or poking (ever!).

Plunge Bras

Okay, so sometimes you want a little extra "something something." Here’s where a good plunge bra comes in. The best part? There's still no underwire. 

Okay, we hear you. How does it lift without an underwire? That's the beauty of it.

With foam cups and a wide, smooth back, this plunging bra has the power and strength to lift and separate your breasts, all while keeping you comfortable and secure.

The rounded shape at the end of the plunge draws everything to the center and lifts, meaning you get an extra va va voom, without sacrificing any of the important stuff.

Leisure Bras

We've designed our award-winning leisure bras specifically with comfort in mind. Our goal is to offer a variety of styles, colors, and tones, as well as shapes and closures.

This is the bra you'll wear every day. It'll likely be your "go-to" option, so make sure it fits and you feel great in it!

There's something for everyone, from our Original Ahh Bra, to T-shirt Bras, laces, prints, and even mesh fronts.

Moisture Wicking

These bras are ideal for those of you in warmer climates, or if you just need something to move moisture away from your skin. These are great for all-day wear, since they'll keep you cool and comfortable all day long, and with a v-neck and scoop back, you'll be able to wear it with almost anything in your closet.

Molded Cups

Basically, a molded bra has padding built into the cups that contour and shape the breasts. This style of bra cup can help form a rounded and symmetrical appearance, but they're also extra supportive since they help shape and lift the bust. 

You'll often find different mold forms, sometimes with extra padding near the bottom to give more lift. All sorts of styles can have molded cups, so keep your eyes peeled! They're a genuine favorite. 

Cami Bras

With a higher, flatter neckline, and a lined lace front, these types of bras are not only good for modesty, but for layering. 

Try these out with a loose top and have a little lace peeking over the top (if you're comfortable with that). They're made of a lovely scalloped lace trim, which is super flattering on all figures, and a sewn band to keep everything where it should be.

Underwire Bras

It seems odd to be here, doesn't it? Well, the thing is, sometimes a wired bra is going to be the better choice for your body. So if you're going to pick an underwire bra, we want to help you choose the perfect one. 

You've got plenty of options with Rhonda Shear, and our award-winning styles come in a variety of shapes, from bandeau to seamless, to jacquard and moisture-wicking bras.

Comfort and Style Go Hand in Hand

Real bodies, real comfort. That's what we're all about.

We know just how hard it can be to choose the right bra. Often the journey will leave you wondering, "are wireless bras better than underwire bras?" 

The truth is, they can be. While there is occasionally a time and place for wired bras, wireless bras are often more comfortable, easier to wear, and now come in a variety of fun and interesting designs, prints, colors, and with details you'll love! 

Don't sacrifice your comfort. Find your Ahh Moment and check out what we've got for sale.

June 15, 2022

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