A whopping 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and go for a bra fitting once or never. If your bras feel uncomfortable, don't support your breasts properly, or leave red marks on your skin, you may be wearing the wrong bra size too.

In this bra buying guide, we'll talk all about bra shapes, sizes, fabrics, and types, so you can be sure you're making the right choice for your body and breasts.

Finding a new bra that fits perfectly can be overwhelming, especially since the same size can fit differently from brand to brand. This is where your measuring tape comes in handy to help you find the right size every time. 

Keep reading to learn all about the different types of bra and how to choose the right fit and model for you.

How To Find Your Bra Size

With Rhonda Shear, sizing for the perfect fit in a bra is easier than ever. The the most comfortable bra fit by simply following our "Shop your Top" method. This means you choose the same size you would wear in a fitted top or blouse and let our comfort stretch designs do the rest. Still not 100% sure what size bra you should order? Grab a tape measure and simply measure around the fullest part of your chest. To get the most accurate measurement, you will want to do this while either not wearing a bra or wearing one that is very light and has no padding for the most accurate number. Forget sizing for bra cups, sizing band measurements, or any other cup and band combination confusion. Follow the below chart or Shop Your Top to find your Ahh Moment today!

XS 30-33
S 34-36
M 36-38
L 38-40
XL 40.5-43
1X 44-46
2X 46.5-49.5
3X 50-54
4X 54.5-58
5X 58.5-61.5


Comfort and Fit: How to know a bra doesn't fit right

Every bra, from every brand, will fit differently and are sometimes designed for different shapes or ages. We try to be as inclusive in our design as possible, but always suggest trying a few different silhouettes to see what makes you look and feel your best. There are some warning signs for badly fitting bras you can look out for. For example, if you try on a bra with your exact measurements but feel uncomfortable in it, or the straps and wires are digging into your skin, it's probably not the best choice for you.

If you feel like your breasts are swimming in the cups and the back strap is way too loose, the bra is not for you. If your cups... runneth over... also, not the bra for you. This is because each bra is made of different materials and has different levels of stretchiness and adjustable elements.

The perfect bra should fit you like a glove and sit flat on your skin with no gaping or overflow at the cups. It should feel so smooth and comfy while giving you a rounded shape and lifting support. A bra is doing its job if you don't even feel it on your body.  If you move around, it doesn't slip away or lose shape. Basically, a bra that fits well should feel like your second skin.

Also, your upper body and lower body may not be the same size. If you want to buy a bra and panties set, follow a brand's sizing recommendations there too.

Still not sure how a bra should fit? Read our ultimate sizing guide to help you find the perfect bra size for you from Rhonda Shear.

Choose Your Bra Fabric

The type of bra fabric is very important to how the bra fits and feels on your body. In some bras, it also determines the level of support of the bra. For example, spandex and nylon are the two main fabrics that add stretchiness and shape to a bra.

These materials are often used in the back band, the straps, and in the elastic band under the bust. In some unpadded bras, these materials provide stretchiness and flexibility to the cup size. The pads in padded bras are typically made of polyurethane foam which will keep your breasts cool in the summer and warm in the winter while giving you smooth shape and providing coverage and modesty.

For lingerie and unpadded bras, the most commonly used fabrics include tricot, lace, mesh, cotton, and jersey knit. Some bras are mainly made of these fabrics while others use them as an addition to the main fabric as decorative trim, for example.

The most important factor in choosing fabrics is how they feel on your skin. If a fabric is itchy, scratches your skin, or feels extremely tight on your skin, try something else. You want to allow your skin to breathe and not all fabrics are made the same.

Define Your Bra Style

Sometimes, it doesn't matter if it's an expensive bra if it doesn't provide the support and shape you're looking for. This is why it's important to define your bra style so you can find the best model for you.

After you figure out your bra size, think about your daily lifestyle. Are you constantly on the move and have an active day? Then you need a bra that'll give your breasts full support and comfort. Do you have an office job and wear more formal clothes? Then you need a seamless bra that won't peek from under your shirt.

Do you have bigger breasts? Then you need a bra that'll lift them up, separate them, and provide ultimate support. Have you had a mastectomy? Then you need a special mastectomy bra with removable pads so you can insert your prosthesis in the pad pockets.

Once you define your main favorite bra style, you can start looking for your size and all the other bra features and elements you want in the perfect bra. If you're used to a certain bra style, try out some new styles and shapes or find the same silhouette with new trims, colors, or prints. Don't be afraid to branch out when bra shopping, may find a completely different type of bra you've never tried before that fits so much better than your normal style.

Wireless Bra

Wireless bras are the most comfortable bra style if you want to feel free in your bra and still have the support you need. Most wireless bras are made of breathable fabrics like nylon and spandex. These don't retain moisture so even if you're sweating, your bra will dry out quickly.

Some people prefer wireless bras because of the comfort but these tend to offer slightly less support than underwire bras. They're perfect for lounging at home and to use as a sleeping top if you don't want to sleep braless. You can also wear them under your summer dress or t-shirt as they're quick to dry so you won't feel uncomfortable.

Underwire Bra

Underwire bras are the most common bra choice for many women hoping for support. They can keep the breasts high up and perky and give them a nice round shape. However, wires can also be very uncomfortable, especially if you wear the bra for hours or don't have the exact right size. Women's breast shape changes as they age and flucuates constantly, so don't be afraid to leave traditional wired bras behind and discover the comfort of technology in bras that lift without stabbing you!

We only have a few underwire bra styles in the Rhonda Shear collection, but rest assured, we have put them through years of fit testing to emsure they stay comfortable all day, that the wires stay in lace, and that the bras stretch and move with you, no matter your shape. Why buy expensive, stiff, or uncomfortable bras when you can slip into something oh so comfortable. Check out our underwire bra collection here and find your next favorite Rhonda Shear bra.

T-Shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra is exactly what it says - a bra that's so smooth and well made it won't show under t-shirts or shirts. These bras are very basic and typically come in neutral colors like white, beige, and black. At Rhonda Shear we have up to 7 skin tone options and tons of fun colors and prints in our smooth cup bra styles.

Depending on the style, t-shirt bras can be padded or unpadded, wireless or underwired, and they can be made of different fabrics. When choosing a t-shirt bra, it's important to know your fashion style so you can choose the bra that fits it the most.

For example, if you don't wear plunging necklines, you can choose a bra that covers the breasts a little more. We have tons of amazing, best-bra-ever, full coverage styles, like the world famous Ahh Bra.  If you love to show off your decollete, a plunge bra will work great for you to serve cleavage anyday.

T-shirt bras are the ultimate everyday wear bra. They're easy to wash, easy to dry, and will keep you comfortable and supported at all times of the day.

Check out our Foam Plunge Wireless Bra with a beautiful sweet heart neckline that's laser cut to ensure smoothness from every angle.

Seamless Bra

Seamless bras are made from soft fabrics with smooth edges so you can wear them with bodycon dresses, t-shirts, and any time you don't want your bra lines to show.

They're so comfortable to wear you won't even know you're wearing a bra.  Say goodbye to itchiness, lumps, bumps, skin imprints or red marks. Hello smoothness!

We recommend our bestselling Perfect Match Seamless Ahh Bra with removable pads for your ultimate seamless 4-way stretch comfort, ease of wear, and feeling good in your body. Did we mention it is machine washable? How about the fact all our seamless bras are so stretchy you can actually step into them?! Discover the Ahh Lifestyle today!

Push-Up Bra

Push-up bras are the best bra types for people who love the look of full, perky breasts. Push-up bras will give the illusion of bigger breasts but can be uncomfortable to wear if the padding is thick.

When choosing a push-up bra, always bear in mind your bra size and the type of clothes you'll be wearing. For example, some push-up bras look great under a dress with a plunging neckline but won't look as good under a plain t-shirt. We tend to go more for comfort and natural shape with the support you need in styles like our Molded Cup Bras. 

Balconette Bra

A balconette bra has shallow cups that cover a little over half of your breasts. They also have straps that are sewn a little wider than regular bras creating almost a square look to the neckline.

This type of bra can be worn under blazers, plunging necklines, and square necklines. Depending on the model, a balconette bra can provide medium to low support, so if this is your main concern, opt for an underwire option. Many of our styles, while not balconette styles, are also designed to peek out of clothing or or look like a camisole under lower cut styles.

Mesh Bra

Mesh bras are the perfect combination of practicality and sensuality. If you've been wondering how to wear a bra that's both comfortable and a little sexy, choose a model that has both.

Some mesh bras are made of all-mesh, which typically means little to no support as mesh is such a lightweight fabric. To ensure you feel supported in your mesh bra, we used more structure and  fabric in addition to the mesh to come up with styles that give you the sexiness of mesh in the details.

For example, our Striped Mesh Leisure Bra is an elegant wireless bra with a super-flattering sweetheart neckline. The mesh fabric at the shoulders matches the bra style so you can wear it under your favorite dress, shirt, t-shirt, or blazer. Another favorite is our Molded Cup Bra with Mesh Back for more support and an extra smooth cup.

Lace Bra

Lace bras can be made of mainly lace or have lace details or overlay. On its own, lace doesn't provide much support for your breasts which is why our bras use it as an elegant addition. We also take pride in using only the finest, softest, stretchiest laces available. No itchy, scratchy, stiff lace here!

If you prefer the feel of lace on your body, you can find a full lace bra that looks beautiful and can be worn under most opaque pieces of clothing.

Our Pinup Girl Lace Leisure Bra is the best of both worlds. Made of breathable fabrics, with super-elastic straps, and a back hook & eye closure, this bra will keep your breasts supported, comfortable, and a little sassy all day. The Pin Up Collection is also a favorite for ladies looking for prosthesis friendly styles as these bras have comfortable cotton lined pockets with removable pads in the cups.

Choosing the Right Types of Bra for Your Bust Is Easy With These Simple Tips

Whether you have your favorite types of bra or are ready to try something new, these tips will help you find the perfect bra for your body type, clothing style, and lifestyle.

From measuring your exact bra size to understanding bra support, we're here to help you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Check out our newest collection of bras at our Rhonda Shear online store and find a bra style you'll love wearing on all occasions.

June 16, 2022

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