Bamboo Leakproof Brief - Heavy Hold

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Hello, Eco Warrior! Say hello to our Bamboo Leakproof Brief - Heavy Hold, your new sidekick in conquering unexpected leaks and embracing sustainability. Let's dive into the fantastic features that make these briefs a game-changer for your period:

💧 High Absorption Capacity: Fear no leaks! Our briefs boast an impressive 10 ml absorption capacity (equivalent to 2 regular tampons), ensuring you stay confidently protected during your period and beyond. Leaks, be gone!

🚿 Easy to Wash: Say goodbye to laundry struggles! Our briefs are designed for stress-free maintenance, making machine washing a breeze. Keeping things clean has never been this easy, giving you more time for what matters.

♻️ Reusable and Cost-Saving: Save money, save the planet! These leakproof briefs are your eco-friendly alternative to disposable menstrual products, offering a wallet-friendly solution for the environmentally conscious. Sustainable periods? Yes, please!

🌍 Reduces Use of Disposable Products: Be a part of the change! Our reusable briefs are on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of disposable menstrual products. It's a small switch that makes a big difference for the planet.

🌿 Promotes an Eco-friendly Lifestyle: Go green in style! Crafted with bamboo fabric in the outer layer, our briefs contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Bamboo, known for its sustainability, adds a touch of nature to your period routine.

Customer Pain Points Addressed:

🚫 Leak Prevention: Tired of leaks? Our absorbent and waterproof fabric combo has got your back, providing a trustworthy solution for those unpredictable moments during your period.

🌱 Environmental Impact: Concerned about the planet? Our reusable and eco-friendly design offers a sustainable option, helping you make a positive impact on the environment, one brief at a time.

Competitive Edge:

🎋 Bamboo Fabric: Get ready to be pampered! Our briefs feature bamboo fabric, bringing you the trifecta of softness, breathability, and sustainability. It's not just underwear; it's a comfy and conscious choice that stands out from the rest.

Ready to make the switch to leakproof, eco-friendly bliss? Embrace the comfort, sustainability, and protection of our Bamboo Leakproof Brief. Your period just got an upgrade! 🌸🌿

    Fabrication and Care
    • Lining Layer: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex.
    • Middle Layer: 80% polyester / 20% Nylon/Breathable PUL.
    • Outer Layer:  95% Bamboo / 5% Spandex.
    • Care: Rinse with cold water before machine washing, Hang dry, Do not bleach, Do not iron.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mildred Dietrich

    Love the material. It has stretchy material that gives a little support and if you use pads, they help keep pads in place. I have looked all over for this type of underwear. This kind of comfort and wear is impossible to find elsewhere. I only wish they weren't so expensive. I got my sister some, and she loved them too. Maybe bigger sizes in the future, 3x or 4x, Please!!

    Heavner in NC

    Great for over night.